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“Mark is a successful and well-known scientist who has shown an ability to collect and use data for decision making. In addition, Mark has shown a genuine interest in public service throughout his career. These two attributes would serve his constituents and all New Mexicans well. I support Mark Boslough for the NM House of Representatives District 31.”

―Jill Hruby, former director of Sandia National Laboratories and president of Sandia Corporation

“Mark is just about the most rigorously honest person I know. We’ve discussed and worked on many technical and quasi-technical issues together and I’ve watched Mark form his position on these issues over time. He generally comes to an issue with a position but always leaves a final decision open until he hears from and carefully considers alternative opinions or positions. While his initial thoughts are always well founded, I’ve seen new information he’d not been aware of modify his preliminary stance in the process of forming his final position. This is a man with extremely high integrity and an open mind… a rare find in today’s polarized world.”

―Russell "Rusty" Schweickart, USAF fighter pilot, research scientist, Apollo astronaut, co-founder of Asteroid Day Expert Panel

About me:

I have lived in New Mexico most of my adult life and in Sandia Heights since 1995. Last year I retired from Sandia Labs after a 34-year career as a scientist doing research in support of national security. Now I want to donate my time and experience to my community and my state.

I come from a Republican family with Republican ancestors since back to the time of Lincoln. My great-great grandfather, Harvey Thompson, was a Civil War veteran who fought against the Confederates to end slavery and to preserve the Union. His grandson (my grandfather) served three terms as a Republican in the Iowa State Legislature. My dad joined the US Army Air Forces to fight the Nazis when he was a teenager in 1944. As a dedicated Republican, he attended speeches from the back of the “Eisenhower Special” train when it came through his town in 1952.

I became a member of the GOP when I turned 18, shortly after graduating from high school. I spent four decades working on national security problems at Lawrence Livermore National Lab in California, and then at Sandia Labs since 1983. In 1998, I was on the campaign team for fellow Republican and Sandia scientist Marshall Berman, who became a member of the state school board and reformed New Mexico’s science standards. That year I was also a GOP delegate to the pre-primary nominating convention.

As a member of the NM House of Representatives I will work to restore old fashioned and dignified “Republican Classic” values to the GOP. I will continue my work with international science, technology, aerospace, and other business leaders to bring good jobs to New Mexico.


Americans Dr. Boslough (right) and Apollo 9 astronaut Russell Schweickart (3rd from right) join discussion with international experts in 6-hour broadcast “Asteroid Day LIVE from Luxembourg” on June 30, 2017. Boslough and Schweickart co-founded the Asteroid Day Expert Panel, currently chaired by Boslough.


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