New Mexico law requires residents and business owners to post private property

Ever since I learned last year that New Mexico state law allows open or concealed carry of guns onto unposted private property without the owner's permission, I've been looking for signs that comply with state requirements. None are available, and the signs that I've seen in some businesses do not meet state requirements. So I created a sign that does. Unfortunately, our lawmakers have made it difficult for residents and business owners to ban unwanted firearms from their property.

Signs must be huge: 144 square inches. They must include your name and address. It is not sufficient to just have one sign at the entrance. All your boundaries must be posted.

If you do not have signs that meet these government specifications, then anyone can bring a firearm onto your property without verbal prohibition. Likewise, anyone you invite into your home has the right to carry unless tell them otherwise.

If you wish to print a sign, please download the attached jpg file and have it printed full scale (12" by 18"). Or contact me at the email address below if you would like join me and others in placing a group order.


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