Equal pay for equal work is a “Republican Classic” value

I called my 90-year old mom last month after I declared my candidacy. I told her I was running for office. She reminded me that her dad (my grandpa) served in the Iowa state legislature. She said he made laws. I asked what laws he made and she said “he made sure that women had the same rights as men.” I didn't know for sure whether to believe her. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years ago and the symptoms are worsening. But that was the first thing she thought of.

I spent several hours that evening rummaging through Iowa’s online government archives. I learned that my grandpa, who was a farmer, served three terms as a Republican state representative. I grew up in a Republican family. As far as I know, all my ancestors were Republicans back to the time of Lincoln. My grandpa, Lee Gallup, was first elected in 1948 and finished his last term in 1954.

After more poking around, I learned that Gladys Shand Nelson (a Republican from Jasper County, Iowa) cosponsored a bill called “An Act to Provide Equal Pay for Equal Work.” She was a teacher who served in the 55th General Assembly with my grandpa. I could not find the list of representatives who voted for it, nor could I determine if it became a law. Still, it seems to be consistent with my mom's story that this was an issue at the time and I think her dad would have supported it. His wife (my grandma) and all her sisters were teachers, as was his daughter (my mom), and his son-in-law (my dad).

When I talk about “Republican Classic” values, this is what I’m referring to. Unfortunately, it’s not my grandpa’s party anymore. I never heard him use racial epithets or disparage other people. I never heard him swear, let alone in front of Boy Scouts. I never heard him talk about assaulting women. I never heard him tell a lie. He went to church every Sunday, but I never heard him brag about it or say anything bad about other faiths. I want to restore these values to the Republican party. Let’s make the GOP decent again.

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